Electric Light Orchestra - Monopoly Board Game

1998 | USA

Okay, So by now if you haven't thought me crazy this should just about convince you. This is a game that I have custom made from a standard monopoly board. It works just like regular monopoly except the main part of the game is ELO Albums, Gold and Platinum LPs, Media, and Record Companies, plus the money is multiplied by 100. Besides that it the same.

As you go around the board you will land on various ELO Albums in which you can buy Producer Rights. You will also see BBC Radio 1, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Four Record Companies (Harvest, UA, CBS, and Jet) You may be forced to "Go Directly To Court" But do not collect your $20,000 salary if passing GO.

Cool enough Yet? Well you also buy promotion in the form of Gold and Platinum LPs, You can sell Assigned Rights of an Album back to the bank if you need money. You may visit the Free Concert, or pay the Producer tax of $7,500. The object is to have the most profitable and sucessful portfolio of ELO Albums than anyone else. That just about sums it up. I hope you like it.