Related News and Magazine Article Index

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This section is a listing of all news related articles and reviews found in magazines during the years 1968 thru 1986 that pertain to the Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne, The Move, Roy Wood, Wizzard, and the Idle Race. Full text is not available at this time, but as these articles are located they will made availabe in this area. If you have these magazines you will be able to easily find the articles by using this index. It outlines everything you need including Magazine name, volume, page numbers and dates.

If you are interested in obtaing these articles but have no immediate outlet to the magazines, please print out this page and take it to your local library. Most university and public libraries have some means of getting you copies of these articles. Articles can be found in bound volumes of magazines, Microfiche, Microfilm, or as on-line CD-ROM resources. In a last attempt, you can always ask your local library to "Interlibrary Loan" you copies of the magazines or articles.