Don't Let Go

	Gee, I wish it was ten o'clock
	Come on baby it's time to rock
	I'm so glad I've got you here
	Makes me happy when you are here
		(Ooh-whee)  This feelin's killin' me
		(Aw, shucks) I wouldn't stop it for a million bucks
		(I love you so)  Come on, baby, now Don't Let Go
	Thunder, lightnin', wind and rain
	Keeps on poundin' inside my brain
	I'm so glad that I can see
	*You've been keepin' on next to me
	*One day, baby, you could be had   {One day baby you'll quit me yet}
	*I'll be cryin' and sad you're bad

	There's one thing I'll never stand
	You goin' out with another man

- Jeff Lynne

From the 1990 LP - Armchair Theatre -