My My Kuiama, she came in the morning
	she smiled but the tears on her little face
	showed the pain that had been in that far off place
	so sad, treated so bad
	My My Kuiama, don't break your heart tryin
	to say how your ma and your pa passed away
	and they left you to wander the ruin and decay
	real mean, that bullet machine

	See here Kuiama, now ten thousand miles
	is a long long way and you're here today
	and you won't go back so you might say
	hello, how do you do

	Kuia stop your cryin, there's no bombs a'fallin
	no horsemen in the night a'ridin through your dreams and tearing at your life
	baby goodnight

	No more silver rain will hit your ground
	and no more guns will sound
	and no more life be drowned
	No more trenches where the soldiers lie
	and no more people die
	beneath that big black sky

	Wake up Kuiama, I got somethin to tell you
	it's just that I mean, well that is to say,
	that I'm trying to explain but I'll start again,
	for you, I must be true.

	Kuia in this country, they got rules with no reason
	they teach you to kill and they send you away
	with your gun in your hand, you pick up your pay
	so cool, that no mercy tool

	Kuia please believe me?  I just couldn't help myself.
	I wanted to run but they gave me a gun
	and they told me the duty I owed to my Fatherland.
	I made my stand.

	Kuia I just shot them, I just blew their heads open,
	and I heard them scream in their agony
	Kuiama she waits there for me
	True blue, you saw it through.

- Jeff Lynne

Musical Chord: E

From the 1973 LP - ELO II -