Loser Gone Wild

	I don't mind the pain, or the jokers' cold refrain
	The days pass by so slowly, I count them all again
	Silence of a basement, shades all closed at noon
	Lie awake for fear of strangers

	Darkness comes on slowly, twilight is the ecstasy
	Like a candle burning bright, shadows dance until the night
	Empty rooms and chilling smiles
	They go on for miles and miles

		Chorus: But in the evening when the sun goes down
		Crawl from the shadows got to get into town
		Where the music is playin' all across the night
		And every cloud disappears from sight

	There goes a loser, another loser gone
	There goes another, another who's alone
	There goes a loser, another loser gone wild

	I don't mind if violins don't play
	I won't listen to them anyway
	I don't care what people say
	Some things just can't be arranged
	Icy fingers touching you.
	Silent voices calling too
	What else is there to lose- I am here but where are you?


- Jeff Lynne
Musical Chord: A minor

From the 1983 LP - Secret Messages -