Mr. Radio

	Hello, Mr. Radio, you friendly station,
	So glad of your company, your morning music,
	My wife she ran away, she left our home,
	And though you're here with me, I'm on my own.

	Hello, Mr. Radio, you friendly speaker,
	You played my request today, request to see her
	Your voice comes riding home across the air,
	You travel 'round the world, but still you're here.

	I heard on the news today the world is no good,
	But if she returns today mine could be so good
	I look into the sky, your waves rush by,
	The weather man has lied, it makes me cry.

	Hello, Mr. Radio, do I disturb you?
	Sometimes I forget my place, I seem to know you
	I miss you when you close, you'll never know,
	And when your programmes go, I'm on my own.

- Jeff Lynne

Musical Chord: G

From the 1971 LP - No Answer -