Rock 'N' Roll Is King

	Listen everybody let me tell you 'bout the rock 'n' roll
	Feel that rhythm and it's really gonna thrill your soul
	She said come along with me, to a land of make believe
	She said rock 'n' roll is king

	She loves that rock 'n' roll and she plays it all night long
	That's all she ever tells me when I call her on the telephone
	She says feel that jumpin' beat, and git up on your feet
	She says rock 'n' roll is king

		Chorus: Oh let those guitars play
		Play for me play for me
		Oh let that song ring out
		That's how it's meant to be

	It rolls like a train that's comin' on down the track
	She rolled over Beethoven and she gave Tchaikovsky back
	She loves that drivin' beat, she goes dancin' on down the street
	She said rock 'n' roll is king

	When she comes around and I'm listenin' to the radio
	She says you can't do that 'cause all I wanna do is rock 'n' roll
	Now here I'm gonna stay where that music starts to play
	She says rock 'n' roll is king

- Jeff Lynne
Musical Chord: A

From the 1983 LP - Secret Messages -