So Serious

     	Night after night 
     	I try to make it all fit together 
     	Night after night 
     	I see you as someone I remember 
     	You took me by surprise 
     	Opened up my eyes 
     	Now we gotta talk this over.

     		Can it really be so serious? 
     		To be all broken up and delirious 
     		I guess we've really been out of touch 
     		But can it really be so serious? 
     		(Serious, so serious)

     	Day after day 
     	I know it's not the way that you wanted it 
     	Day after day 
     	I try to find the key, but it don't fit 
     	But you know how it is 
     	No matter what I did 
     	We gotta talk it over.


     	Tonight, tonight 
     	I'm thinking over everything you said to me 
     	Tonight, tonight 
     	I'm sorry, but I just didn't see 
     	And now it's up to you 
     	There's nothing else to do 
     	We've gotta talk it over.


     	Serious, so serious 
     	Is it so serious? 
     	Serious, so serious...

- Jeff Lynne
Musical Chord: C

From the 1986 LP - Balance of Power -