Little darlin',don't you cry,
	You know I'll try to be there with you by and by
	When everything is going wrong now don't you cry.
	I'm wishin'.
	Little darlin',far away,
	I see the world go rollin' by my window pane,
	But I can only wish that I was there again.
	I'm wishin'.


    		I wish that everything was cold,
    		I wish you were here to hold,I'm wishin'.

	Little darlin',the night is long,
	I thought I'd be back now I must have got it wrong
	You and California call me in this song.
	I'm wishin'.

    		Repeat Chorus

	Little darlin' I see you,you're cryin' in the sun
	I gotta be with you,
	I'm gonna be with there soon I'll make it all come true.
	I'm wishin'.

    		Repeat Chorus

- Jeff Lynne
Musical Chord: A

From the 1979 LP - Discovery -